Triple H Threw His World Heavyweight Championship After Getting Angry With Batista, Orton

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In the recently released Ruthless Aggression documentary, Triple H remembered the time he so got angry at Orton & Batista that he had to give them an ultimatum.

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Triple H

In the recently released Ruthless Aggression documentary series, Triple H remembered the time he so got angry at Randy Orton and Batista that he had to give the duo an ultimatum. Triple H revealed that when Evolution was in its testing stages, he decided to let the newcomers Randy Orton and Batista face Booker T and Scott Steiner in a Tag-Team match. He said Ric Flair was also present at the ringside to see how the ‘newbies’ work. But what Triple H and Ric Flair saw didn’t impress either of them.  

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Triple H gets angry at Randy Orton and Batista

Remembering the fight, Triple H revealed that the match was filled with flaws and no one in the audience enjoyed the fight. He said he was so fed up with Randy Orton and Batista that he threw his WWE Championship on the ground in anger. Triple H then turned to Batista and told him that he has to learn everything from scratch. He then asked Randy Orton to take his job seriously because he and Ric Flair were trying to create something extra-ordinary.

“I remember having the title at the time because I came in the locker room and threw it. I made a huge ruckus and said that ‘it will be the last f*****g time that will happen. You guys have to get your s**t together or we are done,’” said Triple H.

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Things got even worse for Randy Orton and Batista

Triple H’s warning had a huge impact on both Randy Orton and Batista as they were forced to give 100 per cent in every match. However, during a match against The Dudley Boyz, things went south. During the match, Batista tore his triceps while Randy Orton shattered his ankle. In the documentary, both the teams disagreed with each other. Batista even claimed that it was Bubba Ray Dudley’s fault that the incident took place.

Triple H was in shock after he got the news. However, he supported his young superstars and helped them recover. Randy Orton returned after three months and the Evolution started their dominance. Batista recovered in six months and he returned to a huge response. After that, Evolution ringed supreme for almost two years.

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