Harry Potter Deaths That Were Different In The Films And Books


Harry Potter is a popular fiction series of novels that were also adapted into films. Here is a list of deaths from the films that were different in books.

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a series of popular fiction loved by kids and adults alike. Everyone, at some point in time, has had a phase when Harry Potter is all they need, be it books or movies. The 7 part novels were adapted into 8 films. This caused the age-old debate of picking one, either the books or the films. Although the films don’t disappoint, the readers argue that a lot of things have been changed in the films and not for the better. Other than the storylines of a few characters, a lot of deaths have also been changed in the films. Here is a list of characters that had different deaths in books and films.  

Harry Potter: Deaths in the movie that were changed from the books

Peter Pettigrew 

Peter Pettigrew has a much significant role in the books, however, in the film, it was reduced. On-screen, his death was barely seen. In the books, J.K Rowling gave him a far greater death. Pettigrew's own silver hand, the one given to him as a reward for his loyalty to Lord Voldemort, turns on him when he hesitates to stop Harry and Ron from escaping. The duo watch him as the hand clutches on Peter's throat. 

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Fred Weasley  

Being one of the popular characters, fans expected the makers to give Fred Weasley a justified death even if it was not the same as the books. In the film, a death eater was seen closing in on him and the next time the audience sees him is in the great hall. In the book, Fred dies next to his brother. A huge explosion takes place, and just as Fred is halfway through a final joke, Percy is left devastated as the dust settles and he is gone.  

Sirius Black 

Sirius Black's death is one of the saddest deaths in the series. Although it was similar, it was slightly tweaked. In the film, his cousin Bellatrix hits him with the killing spell, Avada Kedavra, Sirius instantly gets killed and gets knocked through the veil. While in the book, Sirius and Bellatrix engage in a battle and Sirius gets knocked over in the veil due to the intensity of a curse. 

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Severus Snape

The film gave Snape a satisfying death but still, it was slightly tweaked. Voldemort slices Snape's throat and then instructs Nagini to finish him off. However, in the books, it is just Nagini that kills him. Voldemort sets Nagini on Snape and the snake keeps biting him till it is clear that he won't survive. 


Take notes Marvel, Harry Potter did the dusting scene way before Thanos. In the film, Voldemort is seen turning to dust and fading away. However, in the book, the Dark Lord's body stays intact and is moved to a different location when the cleaning up of the location starts. 

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