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‘Haunted’: Book about real-life ghost stories that will creep you out

The book ‘Haunted’ takes you to the town that was abandoned entirely overnight, a fort that fell to ruins due to a curse and mines where 20,000 miners perished.

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'Haunted' book
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It’s Halloween and people are trying all different pranks and props to make it the most tastefully terrifying day ever. After you are done dressing up as your most favorite creepy character and playing spooky games with your friends (or strangers), how about curling up with a book full of stories about real-life encounters with ghosts and spirits? Lights out, please!

Gruesome paranormal investigations

The book title Haunted takes you through 10 of the most gruesome paranormal investigations by one of India’s most renowned paranormal investigator, Jay Alani. Co-authored by horror writer Neil D'Silva, the book throws light on paranormal reality in an attempt to change the perception of people around the paranormal. 

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Haunted chronicles the real-life adventures of Jay in 10 of the spookiest locations in India. These exploits provide a ringside view of these hair-raising journeys for anyone who dares to explore the dark side of the normal.

Speaking about the dark and mysterious world of paranormal, Jay told Republic, “This world is weird and open for discussions. We aren't sure even about the existence of these spirits but claim to know about it all. And that's what I think is promoting the blind faith in it. While I can’t say with surety whether ghosts exist or not, but I am sure that they are not what we think they are. So, I believe we need to change our perception of the existence of the paranormal world.”

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From cursed fort to public exorcisms

Haunted takes you to the town that was abandoned entirely overnight, a fort that fell to ruins due to a curse and mines where about 20,000 miners were trapped and perished. If that gives you goosebumps, be ready to read about a village where black magic is a way of life and a fair where exorcisms are performed in public. 

When asked about what draws him to this otherwise scary world, Jay said, “I never thought that I would be doing this one day. But yes, I want to know the reality of the paranormal world. I am as curious to find the answers.”

While Jay’s investigations are a dose of both thrill and chill, they sometimes result in life-threatening dangers for him. Talking about one of the scariest incidents during his investigation, Jay recalled, “I was attacked by a pack of wolves in the night during my investigation and the memory still brings back the fear that rushed through my blood.”

Talking about the book, Jay said, “Readers can expect the reality of the paranormal world, my explorations and, of course, the stories about real-life ghost encounters.” “This book can change one’s perception about the paranormal world,” Jay claims.

Replete with stories from Kuldhara (Jaisalmer), Lambi Dehar mines (Mussoorie) and Vas Villa (Bengaluru), the book will definitely send chills down your spine. It also brings to you stories of exorcism and the carnival of ghosts to make you aware of the paranormal reality in India.

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