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Litfests: Top 5 literature festivals for bookworms to visit

Literature festivals are one of the famous festivals in India. These festivals celebrate the rich culture and reading. Here are the top 5 litfests to visit.

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If you are interested in literature, want to communicate with some of the best writers and scholars of India, or international authors, these literary festival are something you should look forward to. Here are the top 5 literature festivals to attend by all literary lovers:

Litfest to visit; top 5 festivals

Delhi literature festival

The purpose of the Delhi literature festival is to celebrate the city, its rich culture, and the wonderful authors, histories, and writers who live there. Delhi is a historic city with a literary and cultural heritage that is diverse and prodigious. It organises the Literature Festival every year in winter around the month of February. This offers an excellent platform to exchange ideas, creativity, and imagination. The aim is to foster music, literature, and culture. It sees active involvement and sharing of ideas with audiences from prominent award-winning authors, artists, reporters and also young aspiring writers.

Jaipur literature festival

The Jaipur Festival of Literature is nothing less than the "Greatest Literary Series on Earth." The festival held annually in Jaipur aims to bring together the world's greatest poets, scholars, literary experts, humanitarians, politicians, business leaders, sportsmen and entertainers on one forum where they can share ideas and opinions, learn from experts, and participate in thoughtful debate and dialogue.

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Lucknow literary festival 

This festival is an effort to bring multiple languages on a common platform, including Hindi, Urdu, Awadhi, and English. You can even take part in a Children’s story contest. The festival is scheduled for November. With the goal of fostering and maintaining Lucknow's distinctive and age-old literature and cultural history, the festival was a medium to introduce Lucknow's legacy to the younger generation.  The Lucknow Literary Festival is India's first lit festival hosted by the youth. It is often included in one of the country's top 6 Lit festivals list.

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Bangalore literature festival

Bangalore lit fest is the largest independent literary event funded by the community in India. The festival takes place in October-December.  The Festival of Literature in Bangalore is promoting reading and writing. People who love to read and bibliophiles are welcome to the festival and meet authors from all over India, let it be regional, national and international authors. The Festival showcases the best minds in the literature community in India and beyond.

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Goa arts and festival of literature

The city features great festival art and entertainment. This festival supports literature, both locally and globally. The event takes place in December. Goa looks like an art gallery for continuous 4 days as it has several art exhibitions, lectures, panel discussions, and book launches.  If possible, you could get to see your favourite author or even get an opportunity to interact with one of the literary or art world's legends.

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