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'Can you spot the cat' solved: Find the answer to the difficult puzzle

'Can you spot the cat' puzzle has been doing rounds on the internet. Read below to know the answer to the difficult puzzle if you cannot solve it.

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can you spot the cat
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The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has urged more and more people to maintain social distancing and self-quarantine to flatten the curve of the outbreak. As people spend time indoors, entertainment has become a key aspect of people's lives as there are only a few things to do indoors. As of now, there are a number of puzzles and quizzes which are going around on WhatsApp and other social media platforms which are asking people to spend time and unsolve them. One such difficult to crack puzzle has now been doing rounds on social media.

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Can you spot the cat answered

spot the difference

As seen above, the puzzle consists of a number of complex structures and a hidden image of a cat amid them. It asks readers to find the hidden cat amid between the concrete jungle which is evidently a task. The structures in the puzzle are convoluted and intense which make it difficult for readers to find the cat. If you have spent enough time looking at the puzzle and not find the cat, then the answer for the Can you spot the cat has been listed below. 

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cororna go

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As seen above, the cat in the puzzle is sneaked in very cleverly for people to get confused. The cat can be seen as a portrait on one of the buildings rather than an actual cat in the photo. besides this, the monochrome colour of the puzzle makes it difficult furthermore for readers to find the cat. 

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While some readers also reportedly dismissed the puzzle to be a fake one as they could not find the cat. There are a number of puzzles similar to this on the internet. Where even though the answer is visible, it is difficult to find. Readers need to put in extra attention and time to solve puzzles of this kind. 

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Published April 13th, 2020 at 17:09 IST

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