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Carnivals Across The Globe That Will Give You The Holi Feels

Carnevale di Venezia to La Tomatina, these carnivals around the globe are major tourist attractions that invite thousands of revellers every year.

Holi 2024 | Image:Unsplash

The different cultures existing in varying parts of the world are known to revel in spirit of spring with colourful festivals which gives a renewed  looks to every street. In India, Holi is a constant attraction for globetrotters and the localities, as it brings people closer to each other though festivities filled with sweets, thandai’s, and a blast of colours. This well-renowned festival has seen similar festivals being celebrated from Italy to the US. 

Carnevale di Venezia 

Venice’s Carnevale di Venezia stands as a testament to the city's historical grandeur, with costumed parades, elegant masked balls, and captivating street performances that transform the city into a living canvas of creativity and celebration.

La Tomatina

Spain offers a uniquely messy celebration with La Tomatina, where participants indulge in the world’s largest tomato fight, drenching the town of Buñol in red. Despite its focus on fun rather than spring, the essence of communal enjoyment aligns closely with the spirit of Holi.

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Fagu Purnima

In Nepal, the festival known as Fagu Purnima mirrors the exuberance of Holi, with locals engaging in playful battles of coloured powders and water, accompanied by traditional music and dance. This festival marks an important cultural event that brings communities together in a display of friendship and joy.

Holi in NYC 

Expanding Holi's reach, New York City embraces the festival’s colourful ethos with Holi NYC, drawing diverse crowds to experience the joy of throwing multi-hued powders, dancing to peppy music, and tasting Indian cuisine, in a display of acceptance of diverse cultural celebrations.

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Paro Tshechu

Bhutan's Paro Tshechu merges religious devotion with cultural vibrancy, featuring masked dances and traditional performances centered around the Paro Dzong, culminating in the display of the Thongdrel, a symbolic victory of good over evil.

Songkran festival

Thailand's Songkran festival, which marks the advent of the Thai New Year, unites people in spirited water fights and street parties, symbolising purification and renewal, whilst reflecting the desire for belongingness and fresh beginnings.


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