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Children's Day 2021: From Quiz to Gifts, How to Celebrate Children's day

November 14 is celebrated as Children's Day in India. Know more about the Children's Day celebration ideas to ensure that students have a good time on this day.

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Children's Day 2021 gift ideas, quiz
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Children's Day or Bal Divas is commemorated each year in India on November 14. This day is observed across the nation to promote awareness and educate people on the children's basic rights, the right to education, as well as the necessity of a positive environment which will help them develop into better human beings. This day is also celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the country's first Prime Minister. 

India's first Prime minister, Nehru is among the most popular independence leaders who fought hard to make the nation a secure place for children. He had envisioned a world where children could grow up in a stable environment and always believed that children are every country's greatest asset and if given the appropriate atmosphere to flourish, they may lead the country to success. The former prime minister always had affection for youngsters, and his compassion for them had earned him the nickname 'Chacha Nehru.' 

Children's Day History

The first Children's Day was held in the year 1956. After Nehru's death, November 14 was designated as India's official National Children's Day.  Children's Day was previously observed on November 20. The day heralded the beginning of a new era in independent India, in which it was believed that every youngster would be treated equally regardless of race, class, religion, or economic status. 

Children's day celebration ideas

Children's Day is celebrated in India in a variety of forms with a range of activities and lectures being held in different schools and educational institutions. This year on Children's Day 2021, amid the ongoing pandemic when certain schools are opened and others remain closed, educational institutions can celebrate this day in some unique way. For those schools which are open, they can host events like quiz contests, debates, and sit and draw competitions, exhibitions on the history of Children's Day and their rights as well as cultural events keeping the COVID protocols in mind. 

Further, those who are hosting Children's Day 2021 virtually can conduct events like reading sessions, children's movie marathons, photography sessions among other things, to ensure that pupils have a good time on this day. 

Children's day game and gift ideas

Meanwhile, there are plenty of ideas for Children's Day games which the little ones might enjoy. Institutions can organise treasure hunts, take them to parks, can host outdoor sports, can put events like dress as you like it and many more. Talking about Children's Day gift ideas, institutions can gift boxes of chocolates, books to encourage reading, indoor game boards, colouring books, DIY projects, art and craft activities among others.  

Children's Day quiz

Among celebration ideas, quizzes often play an important role. Quiz games, in addition to being an enjoyable pastime, aid in the intellectual growth of youngsters. Quizzes for children must not be boring with only question and answer rounds but rather have elements that make the contest interactive.

On Children's Day, quizzes can make up an important part of celebrations helping and organisers can learn about the participating children's passions and prepare questions accordingly. The quizzes can be made more visually appealing with pictures, and videos. Organisers can base questions on subjects ranging from science to cartoons, or anything else that ignites their curiosity.

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