Updated March 18th, 2024 at 14:35 IST

DIY Colours, Sustainable Decor: How To Celebrate An Eco-Friendly Holi

While Holi needs to be celebrated with vigour, it is essential to enjoy it in an environmentally friendly manner.

DIY Holi decorations | Image:Unsplash

Holi 2024 will be celebrated on March 25. As we gear up for the festival of colours, markets are abuzz with gulaal, Holi-special delicacies and many other essential items.  Traditionally, Holi has been associated with vibrant colours, water balloons, and joyous festivities. However, it is essential to recognise the significance of celebrating it in an environmentally friendly manner. There are numerous eco-friendly alternatives that can help us enjoy Holi while preserving our environment.

Natural colours

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Opt for natural, eco-friendly colours made from plant-based ingredients such as turmeric, beetroot, spinach, and flowers. These colours are not only gentle on the skin but also biodegradable, ensuring they don’t harm the environment. Additionally, these colours are easy to get off the skin post the celebration. 

DIY colours

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Get creative and make your own colours at home using ingredients like flour, arrowroot powder, and food colouring. This not only allows you to customise the colours according to your preferences but also ensures they are safe for both your skin and the environment. It can also become your special tradition with your family and friends for years to come. 

Water conservation 

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Conserve water by minimising the use of water balloons and high-pressure water guns (pichkaari). Instead, opt for dry Holi celebrations or use minimal water for symbolic purposes such as a gentle sprinkle of coloured water.

Reusable water containers

If water play is inevitable, use large buckets or tubs to store water instead of continuously running taps. Encourage participants to refill their colours from these containers, minimising water wastage.

Say no to water balloons

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While water balloons can be fun and appealing on Holi, especially for young children, it is essential to know that they are made of harmful plastic. Not only does playing with water balloons waste water but it also gives rise to non-biodegradable waste. 

Eco-friendly packaging

When purchasing Holi-related products such as colours, opt for brands that use minimal or recyclable packaging. Avoid single-use plastics and support companies that prioritize sustainable packaging practices.

Sustainable decorations

If decorating your home or community spaces, opt for eco-friendly decorations such as biodegradable paper banners, flower garlands, and reusable fabric streamers. Avoid plastic decorations that contribute to environmental pollution.


Published March 18th, 2024 at 14:35 IST