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How To Play Squash? Here Are Some Rules Of The Racket And Ball Sport That You Must Know

Squash is one of the most popular games and it is also quite easy to play. Read on to know more details about some of the rules of the racket and ball sport.


When it comes to fitness and sports there are various types of activities one can easily pick up. One of the easiest and most popular sports today is squash. This racket and ball sport played by two or four players has become hugely popular over the years. This sport is not only fun to play but also helps in losing weight and toning the body.

Today, many sports clubs have some great squash rooms that facilitate playing the game smoothly. In order to win this game, one must be aware of some set of rules. The rules to play squash are listed below:

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How to play squash and the rules to play squash

Firstly, for playing this sport, one would require the necessary equipment such as the squash ball, squash racket, and goggles. One must wear comfortable sports clothing and sports shoes, preferably white-soled. One must warm-up before starting to play. For warming up, try bouncing the ball with your racket a few times. One can try a few stretches, even hit the ball to the front wall for 5 minutes to warm up.

When you're ready for serving, a few rules must be kept in mind. One must have one foot in either service box and the ball must land above the service line and below the outline. One must ensure that the ball travels from the front wall to the opposite back corner. The ball can rebound off other walls or be hit on the full. While playing during the rally, one must ensure that the opponent must hit the ball before the second bounce. The players can also hit the ball before it bounces on the floor. One can use the entire court after the serve is made. 

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The players can lose in the following instances when the ball is out. The ball is considered to be out when it hits the tin or outline or if it hits above the out of court line or bounces on the floor more than once before being hit or if a serve lands in the incorrect area. When it comes to scoring, a match is normally the best of 5 games. If you win a rally, you score a point. Here is the link to a video on the same:

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