Popular Dog Names In India Suitable For Your Female Furry Friend


Your pet dog is like a member of your family whom you would prefer to address with a name. Choosing names for female pet dogs need not be confusing anymore.

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Naming dogs after favourite food, favourite character, and ideal person are standard practices that you will experience in India. People love their dogs so much that they name them after unique things, which depicts the fact that they are so much emotionally connected with them. Just like Indians prioritise the task of naming their new-born baby, similarly, they also like to give a proper name to their new pet dog, after bringing her home. Some of the most sought-after names for female dogs in India are listed below.

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10 Popular Female Dog Names in India

  1. Bala – Generally, small dogs are named Bala, which means a young maiden. A young maiden is soft, gentle, poised, and so people who feel their dogs are lovely, charming, and elegant, go for the name Bala.
  2. Mohini – This lovely Indian name means the enchantress, who captivates everybody’s heart with her ethereal beauty. Female dogs with unimaginable beauty are named Mohini by several dog owners in this country.
  3. Sundari – It means beautiful and is a commonly used name for female dogs in India.
  4. Coco – Another short common name you will hear every now and then for dogs in India. Love for chocolate is the source of this cute name for female dogs.
  5. Rani – It means queen and female dogs are named Rani by their owners to suggest that these rule their hearts like a queen.
  6. Tara – Tara means star (that shines brightly) and female dogs; generally the big ones such as Great Dane, Dobermann, Rottweiler, Huskies, St. Bernard, German Shepherd, etc. are named Tara.
  7. Smita – This one is a human name, but some dog lovers love their dogs just like their family members, and that’s the reason for them using the name Smita, which means a happy or smiling face. Dogs with happy, jovial, and friendly temperaments are commonly named Smita in India.
  8. Yasti – This is not a very common name, but if you are looking for a unique name for your new female dog, then Yasti can be a great name. It means sleek and slim, and so female dogs with slender and skinny bodies can be named Yasti.
  9. Silk – This is a common name used for female dogs in India and even worldwide. If your dog has a smooth coat and silky fur, then name it as Silk or Silky. For example, Silk could be a good name option for your Golden Retriever.
  10. Sona – Sona is common among Indian dog names, and it means golden. Because of its meaning, this name is a popular option for naming Golden Retrievers.

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