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A Look At Fashion Trends That Will Make A Comeback In 2024

In the ever-evolving world of global fashion, have a look at these overlooked fashion trends marking a comeback this year.

Fashion Trends
Fashion Trends | Image:Unsplash

All fashion icons would agree with the statement that change is the only constant as new trends come in every year. From TikTok inspired fashion moves to runway statements by prominent models, everything influences the global fashion scene. Here are some of the overlooked fashion trends making a comeback in 2024. 

Indie sleaze

After bidding adieu to the Y2K aesthetic, let's welcome back Indie sleaze, known for its grungy, non-conformist vibe, it is emerging as the antithesis to the Y2K style, a more playful and futuristic design, signalling an alteration in fashion sensibilities. What emerged in the mid-2000s emo scene and early 2010s "Tumblr girl" fashion and became recognised as a style trend in, the indie sleaze revival is underscored by the growing popularity of sheer clothing and the bold choice of tights as pants bolstering its prominence in 2024.

Image credit: Indie sleaze/IG

Peach suave

Peach Fuzz which has been crowned Pantone's Colour of 2024, is a comforting, and pleasing addition to the fashion palette. This hue, selected for its resonance with care and sense of community, is well-positioned to dominate your wardrobe, and makeup collections right from the spring season, whilst proving to be an alternative to the dominant Barbie pink trend of 2023. Design houses like Alaïa, and Balmain have already showcased chic peachy ensembles, hinting at the colour's influence on your upcoming style choices.

Eclectic grandpa

Simultaneously, fashion's familial inspiration takes an unexpected turn with the introduction of "eclectic grandpa" style, as forecasted by Pinterest for 2024. This trend is a move away from the "grandmacore" aesthetic through a focus on retro-inspired streetwear, patterned socks paired with loafers, and layered outfits inclusive of collared shirts underneath sweaters. This gender-neutral fashion makes for a fashion trend easy to catch up with.

Image credit: Youtube Screengrab

Mini hemlines

Lastly, the fashion landscape is set to revisit the audacious charm of the 1960s with the return of mini hemlines. While grandmacore makes its exit, the mod-inspired trend of micro skirts and hot pants is gaining momentum, propelled by luxury fashion labels such as Gucci and Chanel. This revival not only complements the indie sleaze and no-pants trends but also signals a. move to embrace bold fashion right from the start.



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