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Different Hairstyles For Different Necklines: Style Your Hair In Accordance With Your Outfit

While it is absolutely possible to look stunning in all kinds of hairstyles, some looks are just a better fit for the kind of neckline one's outfit possesses.

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You might have the perfect outfit of the day, or night ready but the hairstyle you choose to pair with it has the potential to make or break the final impact of the look. While versatility is always a virtue in fashion, it still would not hurt to have a handy a guide of matches made in heaven. In this context, the reference is to hairstyles, fashioned in accordance with the neckline of your outifts.

For off-the-shoulders silhouettes

Whether your outfit has one shoulder off or both, the rule to follow in this regard is the same. The point is to draw attention to the cut of the neck while still letting your hairstyle shine through. 

Keeping this in mind, the perfect match for off-the-shoulders tops and dresses is a pulled back ponytail. This can be either low or high but to make things more interesting, you can always loop the ponytail into itself.

For silhouettes with plunging necklines

Plunging necklines evidently call attention to the silhouette of the look. To offset the drama then, one needs to go for a classic hairstyle which keeps things sleek and simple.

Plunging necklines then must be paired with sleek and straight center-parted hair. This pairing follows the motto of less is more.

For strappy silhouettes

Strappy silhouettes tend to be carried by fun textures and a certain care-free ease to it. Keeping that in mind, the texture in your hair will elevate your look if it matches the texture on your clothes.

Beachy waves then, is a perfect fit for all your strappy numbers.

For the strapless silhouette

Strapless ensembles are best matched with a wispy bun. While a slick bun can also do the trick, wispy buns simply offer more texture to the hair and have the versatility of looking fun and not too formal. 


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