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Fabric Discolouration & How to Avoid Clothes from Bleeding Colour

Fabric discolouration is a common problem. Here are some quick tips to bring your faded clothes back to life and to remove colour bleeding from clothes

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We all hate it when our favourite clothes are not of the same colour as when we bought them. These are some ways by which you can save your clothes from colour bleeding.

10 ways to save your clothes from fading.

#1. Salt

Kitchen salt is an item that is readily available at home. Add salt to a bucket full of water then soak your clothes in this salt-water. Wash the clothes as usual. The chloride in the salt will seal the colour of the cloth and will prevent your clothes from fading.

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#2. Cold Water

Using cold water for doing your laundry will not only save your money but will also save your fabrics from fading. Add some brightening detergent to the cold water and soak your clothes in it before washing them.

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#3. Read your label

The label on your clothes will guide you on how you are supposed to wash your clothes. Whether you are supposed to wash it in cold water, know what kind of detergent to use, the label will answer all these questions. Follow the instructions on the label.

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#4. Turn your clothes over

Turn your clothes over before washing them. This way, the clothes will get washed thoroughly and will also prevent the colour of the front side from fading.

#5. Vinegar

Add a cup of household vinegar to your washer and make sure not to add any detergent. Using detergent while doing your laundry will lock the colour of your favourite fabrics.

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#6. Baking Soda

Adding 1/2 cup of baking soda to the clothes will help you to maintain the colour of your fabrics. Using baking soda will also keep the clothes soft and odourless

#7. Use harsh-free detergents

Using mild detergents will prevent the colours from the clothes.

#8. Air dry your clothes

Drying the clothes in the dryer machine will take the colour out of the clothes. Hang the clothes in some dry place instead of using the dryer.

#9. Avoid washing clothes frequently

Frequent washing of clothes will fade the colours. Skip washing the clothes after using them for a short time.

#10. Wash clothes separately

While washing clothes separate the whites and the blacks to avoid discolouration.

Fabric discolouration is a common problem for all, and fixing discoloured clothes is not as difficult as before.


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