Updated March 2nd, 2024 at 16:01 IST

Iris Apfel, Fashion Designer Known For Her Eclectic Style, Dies At 102

The fashion icon, who had signed a modelling deal at 97 years, died of natural causes, surrounded by her long-time caregivers.

Iris Apfel, Fashion Designer Known For Her Eclectic Style, Dies At 102 | Image:Instagram

Fashion world is mourning the loss of legendary designer Iris Apfel. The fashion icon, who had posted a day earlier, rejoicing at her turning 102 and a half years old died of natural causes surrounded by her long-time caregivers, as per her spokesperson. Apfel was born Aug. 29, 1921 in Astoria, Queens. Her 100-year-old husband Carl Apfel died in 2015. Iris was an only child and has no immediate survivors.

Fashion world pays tribute to Iris

A true innovator and risk-taker, Iris signed a contract with modelling agency IMG Models at the age of 97. Indian fashion designer Rahul Mishra took to his Instagram to pay tribute to her and wrote, “ We will continue to seek inspiration from your vibrancy, humour and great sense of self! Rest in peace 🙏 Thank you @elleindia for this surreal moment in 2017”.


Fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, in a statement given to PA news agency, said: “Iris Apfel has become a world-famous fashion icon because of her incredible talent not only as an artist, but as an influencer.

Iris Apfel | Image: Instagram

Fans mourn the loss of Iris

Iris was a huge inspiration to many. Just like her Instagram bio, which states more is more and less is bore - Iris was known for her extravagant style, marked by the big rimmed glasses she wore. Fans commented on Iris’ post to pay tribute and mourn her loss. “She inspired so many women to be bold, and brave and truly authentic ... .to ignore the number of years we have lived and view age as an opportunity to shine. What a beautiful legacy.”, a user commented while another wrote, “My Favourite Fashion Icon. Rest in peace. You are now with your husband Carl Apfel 😢 I miss you already 💔”


Another fan who had had the opportunity to meet Iris wrote, “ I met her once, not knowing how legendary she was, 20 years ago in shop on Columbus and 72nd in NY ? It sold amazing Silk jackets and huge necklaces, she was sitting with a friend in the shop and convinced me to buy a purple silk jacket, I can remember her deep enveloping voice and huge glasses 👓 and laugh ❤️💫”


Published March 2nd, 2024 at 16:01 IST