Updated February 20th, 2024 at 13:34 IST

London Fashion Week 2024: The Saltburn Effect Takes Over The Runway

As London Fashion Week made heads turn with its opulent grandeur, we could not help but notice that the Saltburn Effect took over the runways.

London Fashion Week 2024 | Image:Instagram - London Fashion Week

The fashion runways either set the trend or follow it. They are either telling us what to wear or seeing what we wear and replicate it for us During the London Fashion Week, the Saltburn Effect took over the runway. Big gowns, tulle skirts and everything fancy were on the runways, and these were the talk of the town as well.

What is the saltburn effect?

The actors’ different looks from the extremely popular gothic romance movie Saltburn have taken the fashion world by storm. It has led to several trends like social media users showing their lavish homes while murder on the dance floor plays in the background. Another trend is replicating Rosamund Pike’s looks from the show. The London Fashion Week shows had several looks that paid an ode to the Saltburn effect, with Rosamund Pike in attendance as well.


In this era where cinema inspires catwalks, the inspiration from this Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan movie was very clearly felt on the runways. Opulent grandeur and tragedy in designs, which were largely beautiful, yet very melancholic were very much an ode to the current influence of Saltburn.


Highlights of LFW2024

  • Irish-American designer Paul Costelloe's show, titled "Once Upon a Time", which was in reference to the iconic 1984 film "Once Upon a Time in America,” showcased wide-belted coats in ecru, anthracite, and checkered tweed.
  • Sierra Leone-born designer Foday Dumbuya's Labrum London brand closed the day with its "Journey Through Colour" collection. It embraced the diversity of cultures brought by immigrants.
  • Ukrainian Masha Popova presented a collection inspired by the early 2000s so-called Y2K era. It was performed against the backdrop of techno music. It featured models in low-waisted pants and washed-out denims.
  • Designer Priya Ahluwalia garnered praise after her show which featured male and female models in earthy reds, oranges and blues parading to thumping house music. The designer used the Indian and West African fairy tales that she grew up with.

Published February 20th, 2024 at 13:34 IST