Updated April 28th, 2024 at 14:49 IST

'Pee Pants' Worth More Than ₹60,000 Sold Out, Netizens React To The Outrageous Outfit

An apparel company called Jordanluca is selling these jeans on their site they advertise as "Stain Stonewash".

Pee-stained pants | Image:Jordanluca

Fashion is art and a lot of designers treat it as such. Wearable fashion is one thing, but pushing the boundaries and creating pieces that are outrageous is another. So, we often find high fashion and its ways a little confusing. A recent example is the ”pee pants”, where the main highlight of the outfit is the fact that it has exaggerated pee stains on it.

Reactions to the pee pants

An apparel company called Jordanluca is selling jeans on their site they advertise as "Stain Stonewash". It has stains exactly where pee marks would be on a pair of pants and that is the biggest selling point of this almost sold out item. Retailing at more than Rs 60,000 per pair, it has met with equal parts intrigue and equal parts astonishment. The unconventional Jordanluca jeans debuted on the fall/winter 2023 runway. If the motive behind making the jeans was to make it appear like the wearer has wet themselves, then the designer sure has hit the “right spot”. One X user commented, “Those are expensive. Couldn't people just make their own by pissing their pants?”, while another said “ They're really in style right now -- even rappers are wearing them.”

Pee pants | Image: Jordanluca 

Unconventional fashion trends

These unorthodox, outlandish designs are nothing new for fashion runways around the world. Recently, Balenciaga caught the attention of fashion lovers with a bracelet that mirrors the appearance of a simple roll of clear packing tape, adorned with the brand's distinctive logo with adhesive. The retail price for this bracelet is Rs 36,664, which got the entire internet talking.

Baby robot | Image: Schiaparelli

Schiaparelli’s Robot Baby at the Spring Haute Couture Fashion was another recent example of this, where people even went on to call it AI propaganda. The fashion show had model Maggie Maurer carrying a baby robot, which was part Swarovski crystals and part electronic machinery like wires and chips. Other famously infamous fashion show moments include micro mini bags by Jacquemus and Lady Gaga opting to wear a meat dress at an award show.


Published April 28th, 2024 at 14:49 IST