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Stay Cozy And Stylish With These Fashion Hacks For Extreme Winter

As winter intensifies and temperatures plummet, it becomes important to invest in the right winter wear to withstand extremely harsh conditions.

Fashion Hacks For Harsh Winter
Fashion Hacks For Harsh Winter | Image:Unsplash

Winters are meant for getting into warm and cosy blankets to sip on deliciously creamy hot chocolate. But what happens when life interferes and you have to go out for work or any other engagement that you might have? Well, you need to protect yourself while also looking stylish. Here's a guide to essential winter wear for extremely harsh winters:

Insulated outerwear

Invest in a high-quality, insulated jacket or parka with down or synthetic insulation. Look for options with waterproof and windproof exteriors to shield against snow and freezing winds. A hooded jacket with faux fur trim can provide extra warmth and protection.

Winter wear for harsh weather | Image: Unsplash

Layering system

Adopt a layering system to trap and retain body heat. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer to keep sweat away from the skin. Add an insulating layer for warmth, and finish with a waterproof and windproof outer layer. This system allows you to adjust clothing based on the temperature and activity level.

Thermal underwear

Thermal or long underwear made from materials like merino wool or synthetic fibers is essential for extreme cold. These base layers provide an additional barrier against the cold, especially for activities that involve prolonged exposure to the outdoors.

Insulated gloves and mittens

Protect your hands with insulated gloves or mittens designed for extreme cold. Look for options with waterproof and windproof features to shield against moisture and icy winds. Mittens generally provide better warmth as fingers share heat.

Winter wear for harsh weather | Image: Unsplash

Thermal socks and boots

Invest in thermal socks made from materials like wool or synthetic blends to keep your feet warm. Pair them with insulated, waterproof boots that have good traction to prevent slipping on icy surfaces.

Fleece-lined beanie

A fleece-lined hat or beanie is crucial to prevent heat loss from the head. Consider options that cover your ears for added warmth. A significant amount of body heat is lost through the head, and a proper hat helps retain that heat.

Snow pants or insulated trousers

For extended periods in the snow or frigid temperatures, insulated snow pants or trousers are essential. Look for options with waterproofing, windproofing, and sufficient insulation for maximum protection.


Published January 14th, 2024 at 10:26 IST

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