5 Simple Nail Art Ideas You Can Try Without Visiting The Parlour


Nail art salon is something that gained popularity a decade back. Here are five simple nail art designs you can give a try on your own by using these tools.

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It takes months to grow long and strong pretty nails. Women spend plenty of time in parlours for manicures and pedicures to make their hand and nails look beautiful and clean. Nail art parlour is something that gained popularity a decade back. It's not a new concept if you are a nail junkie. The art of painting and decorating nails to enhance them creatively is not easy. But if you are that one individual who likes to learn and experiment with new things, here you go. Here are 5 simple ideas you can give a try to learn this art of polishing your nail without visiting the parlour. 

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Nail Art Design ideas

Polka dots look

Polka dot is never old-fashioned. Give this classic look to your nails with the use of a bobby pin or toothpicks. Just paint your nail with any colour of your choice and add the polka dots of any colour that will contrast with it. You can also make a horizontal line of polka dots on the edge.

Wear a heart with a tape

You can paint a heart on your nail by simply using a tape. All you have to do is cut a piece of tape. Fold it and with the help of a scissor, cut a small shape of the heart on the edge. Stick the tape on your nail and apply a coat of nail paint. Let it dry and remove the tape. 

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Take the sponge challenge

The sponge can act as a good nail art tool. Using a sponge, you can give a rough-tough look to your nail. Just apply the nail polish colour of your choice and before it dries, give a firm touch of sponge to the coating. Once it gets dried, apply a coat of nail enamel to add the shiny look.

Get the matte

Sometimes it is hard to get the same matte colour nail polish of your choice. But you can give the matte look to your nail paint easily. Just mix up eye shadow and nail paint. You can use cornflour as well to alternate eye shadow. This simple step will give a classic matte look to your nail.

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Plastic will make it fantastic

Yes, plastic can make your nails look fantastic. All you need do is take a piece of plastic and crumble it. Choose a colour that will make a good contrast with the base colour of your coating. Spread the colour on the crumbled plastic and firmly give an imprint of it on your nail. Adding a coat of nail enamel will make it look shinier.

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