Beauty Hacks 101: Few Things That Can Be Done With Baby Powder


Beauty hacks: Baby Powder is something that can get a lot of things done on a low budget. Here are a few amazing hacks that can be done using baby powder.

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It is no secret that baby products are really useful even as adults. Need a quick moisturiser? Baby Lotion. Need softer skin? Baby soap and just like that, there are so many more advantages of baby products. One such product is baby powder, there are not only beauty hacks but also a lot of other hacks that can be done with it. Here are a few amazing beauty hacks that can be done using baby powder.

Amazing Beauty Hacks with the use of Baby Powder

Boost the volume of your lashes

Out of fake lashes and need a quick fix? Don’t worry, you can simply make use of baby powder to boost the volume of your curls. Apply a light coat of baby powder to lashes, in between coats. It helps in adding major length, thickness, and volume. The baby powder will also prevent any smudging and help keep the mascara in place.

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Removing Shine

Excess of anything is never good, but a little amount of baby powder works wonders when one is under the bright light of a camera. The powder absorbs the perspiration on the face and dials down the shine, especially for darker skin tones. This is a useful trick for photographers since darker skin tones reflect more and appear shinier.

Keeps Lipstick in place

When working long hours and need to keep your lipstick in place, baby powder is a great solution. Simply apply a light dusting of baby powder in-between lipstick application to enhance the lasting duration. Apply a coat of lipstick, place a tissue over lips and dust baby powder around the lip area making use of a powder brush.

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Nicks and Scraps

Have a tiny cut on your legs, underarms or unmentionables? Baby powder can help with that too. Simply apply a little baby powder to clot the cuts on your skin. The powder also helps prevent sweating and chafing between legs.

After Wax-care

If there is any area of your body that is oily, then you know how painful it is waxing it. It is also a tough task to wax recently moisturised skin. Just dab some baby powder on the skin before your wax and the wax will then hold on to your hair and not the skin.

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