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Easy Yoga Poses & Home Exercises For Fitness During COVID-19 Lockdown

Easy Yoga poses & home exercises for fitness during COVID-19 lockdown are here. Read on to know more about how to stay fit during the lock-down.

easy yoga poses

The world is currently being haunted by the COVID-19 outbreak. In India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has issued a 21-day Lockdown. Everyone has been asked to stay in their respective houses and leave only for emergency purposes. 
Getting stuck at home can be a bit hard and stressful thing but one has to do it for the betterment of their family and the whole community.

There are several things one can try at home during the lockdown situation like cooking food, cleaning the house, learning new hobbies, and taking care of their mental and physical selves. One can try yoga for a change that will be extremely beneficial for both mental and physical health. Read on to know more about yoga exercises and yoga postures that one can try at home during the Coronavirus 21-day lockdown situation: 

Easy yoga poses one can try at home during the lockdown

Mountain pose 

Mountain pose is one of the easiest yoga exercises and positions as in this position one has to stand still and stiff. One has to keep their body perfectly still unbalanced while taking a deep breath. This position helps in maintaining a proper posture and will also nourish the backbone.

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Raised arms pose

It is one of the most important poses of yoga. In this exercise, one has to stand still and straight. After standing straight one has to raise their arms up in the air and join them as if they are worshipping the Sun. It is one of the most important stretches of yoga and will be extremely helpful in day-to-day life.

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Garland pose

Garland pose is the position where one has to move their feet a bit outward and squat down. One also needs to join their hands while doing this squat. This will strengthen the hip muscles. 

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The Lunge pose

This yoga posture is the same as doing lunges. One has to stand still and put their left foot ahead, then bend forward and meet the knee. Repeat the same with the right foot. These positions will detoxify the body.

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