Get Clothes That Naturally Smell Good With These Easy And Hassle-free Hacks


There are a few methods to get fragrant and odour-free clothes. Have a look at five hacks which will help you keep your clothes scented naturally. Read ahead.

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The clothes that you keep in the closet tends to emit a foul smell after a while. Even the fragrance of perfume would not stay for long if your clothes have a naturally foul smell. There are a few things you can do to get rid of this odour. Keep your clothes naturally scented with these five easy steps.

Hacks to keep your clothes naturally scented:

1.       Dry your clothes

Once you wash your clothes, you need to make sure they are properly dried before stuffing them into your closet. Hang your clothes in the sunlight on a hanger. Keep it the same way for at least a few hours. You will feel the warmth on the clothes when it is thoroughly dry.

2.       Keep your machine clean

You need to clean your washing machine every once in a while. Take half a bottle of water in a spray bottle. Now add four to five spoons of vinegar to the bottle. Shake the bottle well and then spay it across the inside of the washing machine. Now pour water all over the washing machine and it is ready to use again.

3.       Essential oils

Put two to three drops of essential oil on a piece of cotton or washed towel. Now place the cotton or cloth in the cupboard where you keep the washed clothes. You can also put some essential oils on the walls of your cupboard to make them smell good. Your clothes will eventually take up the scent from the towel or the walls.

4.       A net bag of scented items

Take a small net bag which will be available at any stationary shop. Now take your favourite dried herbs or take your favourite dried flowers and fill it in the pouch. You can also fill in the net pouch with potpourri. Now keep the net pouch in your cupboard. You can also keep dryer sheets in the cupboard to get fragrant clothes.

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5.       Baking soda and scented wood

You can take a small bowl and fill in it with a little baking soda. Place this bowl of baking soda in the cupboard to get rid of the odour present in it. Now place some scented wood in the wardrobe. You can also open up a pack of joss stick and keep it in the cupboard. Your clothes will adapt the fragrance from them.

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