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Glass Skin: Here's A Step-by-step Guide That You Must Follow To Achieve

Glass skin is the latest beauty fad in the world and people have been obsessing over it. Here is all you need to know and how you can achieve it. Check out.

Glass skin

The beauty world never ceases to amaze us with newer trends emerging every day. Korean beauty regime and products have been becoming extremely popular over the last few years and this does not seem to slow down any soon. All thanks to makeup artist Ellie Choi, a new trend has emerged named Glass Skin. Here is everything you need to know about it and how you can achieve it.

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What is glass skin or skin like glass?

Makeup artist Ellie Choi first introduced this beauty trend to the world. The term ‘glass skin’ is for even-toned, glossy skin that is flawless. The appearance of the skin is so smooth that it seems like glass and thus the term ‘glass skin’. Many online tutorials on how to get glass skin has been becoming popular with more and more girls wanting to try out this latest beauty trend.

How to get glass skin: Step-by-step guide

Step one: Double cleansing

Asian beauty regime introduced the world to what double cleansing is and there has been no looking back. This step included cleansing your face with some cleansing oil or micellar water first dabbed onto a cotton pad. This is followed by a gentle foaming face wash or cleanser to ensure all the dirt and makeup is out of the skin.

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Step two: Exfoliation

Any regime to achieve smooth textured skin is utterly incomplete with exfoliation. This step helps to remove any dead skin cells or clogged pores from your skin to get the flawless glass skin you aim to achieve. You can also use an exfoliator with ingredients such as crushed walnut that will help if you have an oily or combination skin.

Step three: Add in some essence

If you are not yet aware of the essences, then they are nothing but a lightweight version of serums. They tend to be less-concentrated and of watery consistency as compared to serums. They are targeted to add ultra-moisturisation to the skin for your glass skin goal.

Step four: Serum

Serums are more concentrated and contain a higher quantity of concentrated ingredients in them. These help your glass skin to achieve moisturisation and is very helpful to achieve a youthful look. Serums also provide firmness to the skin and minimise pores on the skin.

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Step five: Moisturisation

Moisturisation is an essential part of any skin-care routine. This is a step that you cannot afford to miss at any cost. You should always opt for a light-weight moisturiser so that your skin feels at ease. Depending on your skin type, you can always opt for customised ingredient moisturiser.

Step six: Under eye cream

How can one think of having glass skin when they have dark bags under the eye? Due to the constant strain caused by computers and screens, many people have under-eye bags lately. You should always go for a good eye cream or under-eye serum. The area under your eye also tends to be the most sensitive as compared to the rest of your face.

Step seven: Pack the nutrients with a mask

Sheet masks are inarguably one of the best things that the Korean beauty industry has given us. These have become extremely popular all over the globe for the past year. These sheets masks are soaked in nutritive serums and juices that help to pack the skin with the same.

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