Henna Tips And Home Remedies To Make Your Mehndi Darker


It is a saying in the Indian culture that the color and darkness of the bride’s Henna is the direct reflection of her husband’s love. So, here are some tips

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In the Indian Culture henna or mehndi is a sign of fertility and hence is used in wedding ceremonies, and other auspicious festivals and events. In India, you will not even see a single bride who does not apply henna for their wedding. It is a saying in the Indian culture that the colour and darkness of bride’s Henna is the direct reflection of her husband’s love. But, other than that the girls generally like their henna to be intricate and dark. So to get a darker colour of your henna, here are some tips for you to apply.

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Tips to make your henna (henna) darker and deeper:

Washing before applying henna

Make sure you wash your hands properly with soap before you apply henna on your hand. Do not apply any cream of body lotion on your hands, because it may create a layer of it. And by eliminating all possible layers on your skin, henna will be entirely absorbed and you will naturally get a darker shade.

Apply eucalyptus oil

Applying eucalyptus oil can work wonders on your henna colour. After you wash your hands, apply this vital oil to your hands and feet. It smells good and the oil truly helps darken the colour of henna.

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Let your henna dry naturally and stay away from water

Wait for at least 24 hours to expose your hands to water and let the henna dry naturally. Do not blow-dry or try any other things to dry your henna, let it dry naturally. Also if you apply water within 24 hours the top layer of the henna will be washed. This would not allow the colour to really penetrate deep within your skin.

Smoke it (Cloves)

It is said that heating your hands over the flames or smoke of cloves will surely help darken your mehndi colour. You just need to place some cloves on a pan and heat them and let the smoke come out. Just hold your hands on the cloves smoke till they hurt you a bit and then you will actually get a darker colour.

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Lemon and sugar syrup

Apply some lemon and sugar syrup on your hands after the mehndi dries completely. Dab the syrup gently on your hands using a cotton ball. Do not do it repeatedly or apply too much of it, as otherwise, it might end up lightening the colour.

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