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How To Groom Your Eyebrows? Here Are Steps To Keep Them Healthy And Stylish

Grooming eyebrows should not be a complicated process if one knows the proper way to do it. Read on to know how to do your eyebrows perfectly.

how to do your eyebrows

Those who get their eyebrows shaped by professionals might be stressing about getting them shaped as the beauty services have been stalled due to the Coronavirus lockdown. Visiting the salon may not be on the card currently, but following some steps can fix the issue. Here are steps on - how to do your eyebrows. Read on to know more:

Steps to do your eyebrows at home

Grooming the eyebrows

Washing the face before plucking for shaping the eyebrows becomes crucial. The second step is to find the ideal eyebrow, which can be done using a long pencil or a makeup brush. The key is to line the inner corners of the eyebrows along the sides of the nose. Then, choose a brow shape of your choice and mark it using a light marker.

With the help of tweezers, pluck all the unwanted hairs that one finds outside the ideal brow line. Define the arches of the eyebrows by plucking the hairs on the top and bottom according to one's choice. Maintain the eyebrows by plucking the extra hairs on a regular basis. 

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Styling the brows

Use make-up to either lighten or brighten the eyebrows, according to one's choice. Applying eyeshadow will reduce the dense colour of eyebrows. Also, eyeshadow helps the eyebrows in achieving a natural look. Trying brow gel will help to set the eyebrows. Brow-gel helps to achieve natural eyebrows and also sets the makeup in. An alternative to brow jelly is petroleum jelly or a makeup-setting spray. Applying petroleum jelly helps to smoothen the eyebrows and gives a glossy look. 

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