What Is Microfeathering? Know All About The New Trend Exploding Online


Microfeathering creates a natural and thick looking brow using a technique that fills in the spaces between your natural eyebrow hair. Read on to know more

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New makeup patterns and techniques are just blooming with every passing day. While women keep stressing about their eyebrows, there came a new technique of microblading that has worked wonders for many. Now another technique named microfeathering has created a lot of buzz. 

Microfeathering is the new brow treatment doing the rounds on Instagram

Microfeathering is reportedly a process in which tiny feather-like strokes that look similar to real hair are done to achieve a more natural look that follows the pattern of your natural hair growth rather than an outline or artificial shape.

It also volumises the eyebrows. Hollywood’s go-to stylist Kristie Streicher took to her Instagram and described microfeathering brows as a “not a three-dimensional procedure” and “not meant to create an entirely new eyebrow, but more of a way to refine and define a beautiful eyebrow”. 

Reportedly, there are nearly 30,000 tags on Instagram to date about micro feathering and microblading eyebrows. Many women have done the treatment and have reportedly also shared positive reviews about the same. Take a look at the post.

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What is microfeathering eyebrows

Microfeathering is a technique that creates a natural and thick looking brow that is a little similar to microblading. But instead of defining the shape of the eyebrow, microfeathering fills in the spaces between the natural eyebrow hair giving it a volumising look. By working with the natural eyebrow shape and colouring, microfeathering can create an enhanced and bold eyebrow that looks as natural as possible.

Celebrities who underwent the microfeathering brows treatment 


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