Lifestyle: Five Grooming Tips For Men To Adopt During Winters


Lifestyle: In winter, when the temperature drops, your skin and body need special attention. Read to know about some winter grooming tips for men to adopt.

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Skincare is important, especially in the winters as it requires additional products and measures to care for it. Most guys in the winter tend to slip away from good grooming habits, according to Suraj Chaudhari from Zlade, a leading razor manufacturer. Here's a list of tips for winter grooming for men.


The Grooming Manual is all about personal preference. But you should definitely be practicing some kind of body hair maintenance. And you shouldn’t let that habit slip just because it’s a bit cooler out. Wherever you choose to trim, be sure to take good care of your skin. Always use the best natural shaving cream for men before shaving. And following up with an alcohol-free aftershave to prevent irritation - especially when you’re trimming sensitive areas.

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Long, hot showers feel good during the winter. But for a good skin, you’ll need to drop the temperature just a bit.  Avoid long, steamy showers. It feels relaxing, but it’s actually stressing out your skin. Steaming hot water strips your skin of its natural oils. So adopt two smart habits- switch to a shorter, lukewarm shower and use a natural body wash for men.

Groom Your Beard

One with a thick beard, shampoo and condition your beard as much as you shampoo your scalp. Styles of beard are plenty but you need to keep trimming and grooming your beard often to frame your face right. Choose the right styling products for your beard.

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Hydration means more than just using face moisturiser for men twice daily - which you should be doing all year long. That will lock in moisture and prevent dry skin so commonly associated with winter weather. The best way to stay hydrated is to drink plenty of water. It’s easy to remember to stay sipping on water during the hot days of summer. But it can be difficult during the winter. So be intentional about it, keep a track on your water intake, and make sure you stay hydrated.

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Even during the coldest winter days, the sun's UV rays can do plenty of damage to your skin. Remember: whenever you’ll be spending 30 minutes or longer outdoors, be sure to apply sunscreen. But for even better results and to save yourself from forgetting this essential skincare habit, better to just get into the routine of applying it daily - no matter what your plans are.

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