Salsa And Other Dance Forms To Replace Your Monotonous Workout


Dance cardio is quickly replacing normal workout routines. There are a variety of dance forms like Salsa, Zumba and more to pick from to replace your workout.

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Dance cardio is now an emerging trend that is replacing people's boring working routines. A huge chunk of the crowd considers dances to be a form of entertainment rather than exercise. Dance cardio makes use of different types of dance forms to exercise your body. It is often difficult to stick to a single routine every day and sometimes mixing it up with dancing definitely helps. There are multiple types of dance forms to pick from that can be helpful in replacing your workout routines. 

Fun dance forms to replace your boring workout routine with


Salsa is a Latin dance associated with a music genre of the same name. The dance form originated in the 1960s in New York City. It is a typical dance form for optimum calorie burning. Salsa is fun and exciting and also reaps exciting benefits as other forms of cardio. But keep in mind that Salsa dancing requires a partner. It is a fun activity to try with a friend.

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Zumba is another extremely popular dance form that is quickly replacing cardio. It uses Latin and Hip Hop dance influences to curate a workout that is effective as well as fun. Zumba classes are easy to find and do not require much commitment as they only happen like 2-3 times a week for a couple of hours. There are also Zumba dance videos that one can find on the internet and use as a reference, although it is advised that you first learn from a professional before trying it this way. The combination of slow and fast movements will work your body in an aerobic routine.

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Hula Hoop Dancing

You may feel like a kid when you do this, but there is no need to shy away from admitting that this is fun. It is a piece of workout equipment that can tone your thighs, abdominals, glutes, and arms. The exercise just as much fun as you remember it to be. This fitness form will barely make you feel like you are working out. 

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