Best Leg Exercises To Develop Muscular And Stronger Legs And Core


Here is a step by step guide of best leg exercise to develop the lower body of women. These are simple and minimally invasive and does not invade the schedule.

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Best leg exercise

Women can now get a much more athletic body at home without much interference to their personal life. The following exercises are minimally invasive to your daily schedule and routine. According to fitness experts, doing the exercises regularly will help in gaining a toned down, strong lower body muscles and shape. Here are some best leg exercises to achieve the feat-

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Squats are the best way to gain lower body strength as well as shape. One can do a set of six squats daily. According to fitness experts, it shapes the lower bottoms and develops thigh muscles. Furthermore, doing this exercise daily defines the shape of the lower body. Pro-tip- keep shoulder level distance between the legs and hold until it puts a strain on the chair position.

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Planks are an excellent way to improve the health of the muscles in the lower body. According to experts, planks increase resistance in the body. The more you bear the pain while you do the exercise, the more it will tone the shape of shin, calves, abdomen and lower body. According to experts do three sets of planks between an interval of 20 seconds and hold the plank position for thirty seconds.

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Stretching and doing lunges is another way to improve lower body strength and shape. One can do three repetitions of side lunges and front lunges to get the best results to develop the lower body. Lunges are easy to do as well as give the best results according to multiple fitness reports.

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Calf Stretch 

A good portion of the healthy lower body includes healthy lower legs. Stand in a steady position with five to six-inch difference between the feet. Start stretching moving body upwards and then lower without moving from the ground. According to reports, these exercises can be done with a set of 30 counts. Experts suggest that these are some of the best exercises for developing calf muscles. 

Disclaimer: It is advised to take the counsel of an expert, before trying any of these exercises to avoid any muscle strain/sprain. 

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