Wedding Fashion And Style Tricks For The Groom To Jazz Up His Outfit For The Wedding


Wedding fashion: Wedding season is here and along with it tips to style your outfits. Here are some of the best style tricks that every groom needs to know.

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The wedding day, the day you tie the knot with your loved one, is made more special with the right make-up and accessories. The groom and the bride start preparing for their big day months prior. One of the important things to remember that the fabric and style of the outfit depending on the weather. Whether you will be in designer clothing, tailored clothes or standard outfits, planning and preparing the perfect outfit takes time. But if you are running short of time, here are some of the style tricks that every groom needs to know.

Subside the formality of your suit

Softer looks are the new wedding fashion for the groom. Instead of opting for crisp suits, you can opt for a softer look by rolling up your sleeves. So, if you want to opt for softer looker then loosening the tie knot is another alternative. Another trick to soften the look is to remove the jacket during reception or photoshoot.

Choose Sherwanis for a regal look

If you want a regal look as a groom, then this option will suit you the best. The splendid brocades, embroidered and intricate designs add to the regal look. You can match the embroidery on the bride's outfit to the groom's sherwani. And another trick is to choose the colours of the bride's as well as groom's that compliment each other.

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Choose shoes carefully

You may have spent hours and days finding the right outfit, but if you don't match proper shoes with the grooms' outfit, then your wedding fashion sense might not see its full potential. If you are wearing a tux, then opt for black leather cap-toe. And if you are wearing a black suit then the trick is to opt for tan shoes that will look chic. If you want to achieve a regal look as a groom, then opt for embroidered mojris.

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Accessorize right

You may have got the right outfit and shoes but the trick is to accessorize right, that help you achieve the perfect groom look. even if your sherwani or suit is not a big brand, but the trick is to accessorize well. A brooch on your sherwani will help you achieve the regal look. The way you plan on wearing the dupatta on the Kurta can make a wedding fashion statement. Grooms can also opt for something summery and simply opting light or off colours.

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Colour Combinations 

You can choose to wear a waistcoat under your tux. You can mismatch colours that express your personality. You can opt for the same coloured suit and jacket but a different colour for the waistcoat. You can opt for a quirky bow-tie that will make a wedding fashion statement. 

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