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What Is Skin Fasting? Know If The Skincare Trend Actually Works

What is skin fasting? is one of the most asked questions on social media during the lockdown. Read to know if the Instagram trend actually works on the skin.

what is skin fasting

Skin fasting refers to the concept of taking a break from your usual skincare routine to improve the way your skin functions, as the method reportedly 'detoxifies' the skin. The method also allows your skin’s natural maintenance system to work more effectively by taking away the skincare aides and removes the dead skin cells in your face, which were left unattended. According to Paula's Choice Skincare online portal, skin fasting is something one can try, however, the results might be unsure. Here are the details of skin fasting and if fasting for beauty actually helps.

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What is skin fasting? 

To start skin fasting, you have to give up your moisturiser for one night or can abstain from using any chemical ointments on your face and omit the skin-routine for a few days. As per reports, proponents of skin fasting believe that doing so, it allows the skin to reset and inherently take better care of itself. However, there’s no hard research that proves that the method is fruitful. One can start the method by reducing the number of products you use on your skin instead of doing it all at once.

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Notice how your skin reacts to it and once you stop using products on your skin, let it breathe and naturally defend itself for a few days. Once, the fast is done, slowly introduce organic products to your skin. Considering the fact that most of the people are currently under lockdown, this trend has come during a time when you can not only ditch our skincare products but also never let the makeup brush touch our face. See some tweets:

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