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Cheer Up The Lonely Day History: Know Its Origin, Significance And How It Is Celebrated

Read further and check out Cheer Up The Lonely Day history, meaning, significance and celebration's details. This joyful day is observed on July 11, annually.

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cheer up the lonely day history

Cheer Up The Lonely Day is an international observance event that aims to spread awareness about the damaging effects of loneliness. It is celebrated on July 11, every year. People across the United States and other countries make a special effort to give someone a lift on this pleasant day. On this day, everyone is expected to furnish some of their time to bring happiness and cheer into the lives of those who may be lonely. Read ahead and check out Cheer Up The Lonely Day's history, meaning, significance and celebration. 

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Cheer Up The Lonely Day history 

There are no quoted or official reports about the history of this day. However, as per research by National Day Calendar, Francis Pesek of Detroit, Michigan created this day. His daughter L.J. Pesek stated that her father was a quiet, kind, wonderful man who had a heart of gold. The idea came to him as a way of showing kindness toward others who were lonely or neglected as shut-ins or in nursing homes. July 10 is Pesek’s birthday. 

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Cheer Up The Lonely Day significance 

Loneliness can be temporary for some and for others, it may be a daily fight. Loneliness can affect any age group and people from all walks of life. It can be harmful to the mental, physical, and social health of those suffering from it. Therefore, to light up people's lives, Cheer Up The Lonely Day is observed. It requests people to donate some of their precious time to bring joy and cheer into the lives of those who may be lonely. 

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Cheer Up The Lonely Day celebration 

The day does not have a specific celebration pattern. It can be done in several different ways. Here are a few ideas to you can try. 

  • Watch a movie with your friends and share some freshly popped popcorn.
  • Volunteer your time to work with the elderly in a nursing home. 
  • If you know someone who loves your company then spend some time with them. You can also make them their favourite meal, give them some encouragement, and let them know that you enjoy your time with them. 
  • Mail a sweet or funny card to your loved ones. 
  • Organise a game party, play a board game.
  • You can also educate your self about the connection between mental health and loneliness and what you can do to ward off loneliness in your life and in the lives of others. 

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