Christmas 2019: The Most Delicious Christmas Sweets You Must Have


Christmas gets better with delicious sweets and mouth-watering food; here is a list of the different types of Christmas sweets you must have

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Christmas 2019

Christmas is around the corner and the excitement has already begun. Christmas brings in a lot of snow, happiness and chilly weather. The festival only gets better with delicious sweets, cakes, mouth-watering food and much more. Christmas treats and sweets are easy to make and even faster to gobble. Every household has its secret Christmas sweet recipe and thus today, with the help of the online world, one can bake almost anything in absolutely no time. Listed below are some of the latest Christmas 2019 sweets one must try and bake at home:

Christmas 2019: Best Christmas sweets to bake at home

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1) Cranberry Christmas Mini Cakes

These are the top Christmas sweets to bake this year. Filled with gooey chocolate at the center, this delicious item is super easy to bake. All you need is a ready cake mix. Prepare the batter and add cranberries to it. Then coat the pan generously with oil or butter, pour the batter and get it in the oven. Let the cake cook for 30 mins and let it cool. Once it is cool, using a circular shape cutter and cut the cakes into mini cupcakes. Add some ganache on top and any toppings of your choice. The cake is ready to serve. 

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2) Oreo Christmas Cookies

All you need to make Oreo Christmas Cookies are some rich white chocolate. Make it into a ganache and dip the Oreos in it. Get a trap and let the Oreos chill in the freezer. Once the Oreos are out, you can use decorations of your choice. To enhance the flavour, you can also make oreo cake and then dip it into your chocolate ganache. 

3) Santa Wine Cake

These are super easy to bake. All you need is some ready cake mix. Prepare the batter and add some wine to it then coat the pan generously with oil or butter; pour the batter and get it in the oven. Let the cake cook for 30 mins and let it cool. Once the cake is cool, you can cut it in square shapes. Use Fresh cream to make cute puffs on the cake and add strawberries on top. Once done, use the fresh cream to add finishing dots to your berries to make it look like a Santa hat.

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