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International Day Of Families Activities: Various Indoor Activities You Can Indulge In

International day of families activities: Here are numerous bonding activities that people can enjoy with their families indoors. Take a look.

international day of families activities

International Day of Families is celebrated with the aim of spreading awareness about the benefits of the family systems. People all over the world recognize it on May 15, 2020. International Day of Families indoor activities was first proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1993. It was created to depict the significance that the international community attached to their families. Moreover, this day is an opportunity to promote awareness of familial issues and helps in increasing the knowledge of the social, economic, and demographic problems affecting families all over the world. 

International Day of Families activities significance

On International Day of Families, people from many countries come together and think about different areas of interest and the importance of families. They spend time with their loved ones and appreciate their family members. Moreover, people also consider their close friends and distant relatives to be a part of their families as they share a good bonding. 

Happy International Day of Families 2020 theme 

International Day of Families activities’ theme for 2020 is Families in Development: Copenhagen & Beijing + 25. In 1995, the conference of Beijing and Copenhagen proposed the significance of family and its role in people’s social development. These countries agreed to specify its worldwide observance as an initiative for the well-being of everyone in the family. 

Therefore, in 2020, the UN projected that theme for International Day of Families Activities. It stressed on the importance of families and how they mean to people, especially amid the coronavirus outbreak. A family is considered a foundation-pillar in the development of society as social laws and norms are the anticipated form of family bonding and strength. So, The United Nations attempted to visualise the seized development of the family, without which the society can break apart. 

International Day of Families indoor activities

The International Day of Families Activities makes people realise that it is a family that assists in repatriating sorrows and soothing the pain of their loved ones. Moreover, a family helps to get rid of economic burdens. We have mentioned different indoor activities that one can rejoice with their family. 

1. Drawing and colouring 

People of every age group can enjoy this playful activity. Children can use crayons to fill vivid colours in a sketch. On the other hand, adults can draw them beautiful landscapes or grab a paintbrush to reinvent their skills. 

2. Board games 

Board games include everything between Monopoly, ludo, housie to scrabble or chess. They are not just loved by children but also adults. According to the time a family wants to invest in a game, it can choose among a host of options. 

3. Making a dessert 

While adults can create a foundation or base for the dessert, their kids can assist them in decorating the delicious goods. From puddings to mousse and cakes, various things can be made from scratch. Moreover, many people opt for readymade goods and adorn them as per their creativity at home. 

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4. Indoor garden 

Those who have gardens outside can grow summer vegetables and fruits. However, those who don’t have a garden can also work on the same and create a beautiful indoor garden. Families teach their children a crucial lesson about where food comes from. 

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