Leap Day Traditions: February 29 Traditions And Customs From All Around The World


Leap day traditions are followed by people all around the world. Check out some of the leap day customs followed by people in different parts of the world. Read

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leap day traditions

Imagine having one extra day a year in every four years without being subjected to any kind of superstition or leap day traditions and leap day customs. Needless to say, considering that this day comes ones every four years, people from all around the world have come up with some quirky traditions to celebrate the day.

While many consider it to be an unlucky day for any major events like childbirth or marriage, many people also celebrate the day with utmost grandeur. Sweet leap day customs are followed as a part of February 29 traditions around the world. Check out some of them.

February 29 traditions around the world 

In France, a newspaper is published only on Leap Day


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As a part of the leap day traditions, a newspaper titled La Bougie du Sapeur is published only ones in four years, on leap day. The newspaper was first published in 1980 and is a comical newspaper. The name of the paper translates to ‘sapper's candle’ who was a character from an old French comic book born on a leap day.

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In Germany, girls decorate trees with ribbons for their crushes as a part of Leap Day traditions

As a part of the leap day customs, girls in Germany leave a tree decorated with ribbons in the backyard of their crushes. It is a custom for boys to cover small birch trees with ribbons on spring holiday May Day and leave the tree at the doorstep of the girl they like. It is the girl’s opportunity to leave the birch tree as a part of the leap day traditions or leap day customs, at the doorstep of their crush.

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Texas has the Leap Year Capital of the World


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Anthony, a city on the border of Texas and New Mexico throws a birthday bash for all the babies born on the leap day. This has been going on since 1988 and has eventually been absorbed into the Leap Day traditions. No other city decided to sponsor the event regularly and hence the Governors of both the states proclaimed the city as the ‘Leap Year Capital of the World.’ 

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In Denmark, a man buys a woman 12 pairs of gloves if her rejects her as a part of the Leap Day traditions

On the leap day, if a man in Denmark rejects a woman’s proposal he has to pay a price as a part of the leap year customs. If a woman proposes to a man on a Leap Day and he refuses her proposal, as a part of Leap Day traditions, the man has to buy her 12 pairs of gloves. According to a popular travel website, the Leap Year traditions can be traced back to 1288s, which came to practice so that the woman could hide her ring-less engagement finger.

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