Is Shoprite Open On Thanksgiving?


Knowing is Shoprite is open on Thanksgiving can help you prepare to buy the required items and groceries for the holiday. Here are Shoprite Thanksgiving hours.

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shoprite thanksgiving hours

Thanksgiving 2019 is almost here and it is about time you prepare for the upcoming Thanksgiving meal. If you are still not prepared and need more ingredients or other groceries, then do not worry. Many large grocery stores will still be open during Thanksgiving, albeit for a short time. Shoprite is one of these store franchises that will stay open on the day of Thanksgiving for a limited time. So if you need any groceries and have a Shoprite near your house, then you can make a quick drive to the store and be back before Thanksgiving hour. 

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Shoprite's opening and closing time for Thanksgiving

Many of Shoprite stores will be open on Thanksgiving, though a few will be closed based on the discretion of the owner. Depending on the location, Shoprite will be open from 6 AM to 12 PM or 7 AM to 2 PM. So, as long as you make it to the store between 9 AM and 12 PM, you will be able to buy all you need safely without having to worry about the stores shutting down. 

While last-minute shopping during Thanksgiving can be stressful, make sure that you are considerate to the staff. They are still working during Thanksgiving to make sure that you have a nice Thanksgiving dinner. Other than shopping, Shoprite also has a special event every Thanksgiving hour where they give selected customers free chicken, ham, or turkey. 

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To win a free turkey or other delicious ingredients, you first need to be a member of the Price Plus Club and have their card. Show your Price Plus Club card to the cashier each time you shop on Thanksgiving. Shoprite also requires you to spend a minimum amount of money to win Turkey, Ham or Chicken.

When you have spent the required amount, Shoprite registers will deduct the cost of the item you have won from your shopping order. Once you have spent the required amount, no additional payment is required to get the free item. The same scheme also applies to Shoprite home orders. 

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