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World Book And Copyright Day 2020: Know Its Meaning, Significance, & Theme For 2020

World Book and Copyright Day 2020, is celebrated on April 23 each year. It is a worldwide celebration of books and readers. Here is all you need to know.

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world book and copyright day 2020

The wait for all the Book-lovers, Vellichors, and bibliophile is over. As the World Book and Copyright Day 2020 is finally here. Every year on April 23, World Book Day celebrations take place across the globe. Individuals wish each other "Happy World Book and Copyright Day" and come together to commemorate this special day. 

What is the meaning of World Book and Copyright Day 2020?

The World Book and Copyright Day is celebrated by UNESCO (The United Nations Educational Cultural Organisation) on an International scale. It is a worldwide celebration of readers, authors, and books. Each year children from different cultural backgrounds, countries, come together for world book day celebration. They explore the excitement in reading books together.


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In the industry of books, there are mainly three sectors i.e publishers, booksellers, and libraries. On the World Book and Copyright Day, the International Organisation chose one place, which acts as a World Book Capital for an annual year. Hence, this specific world capital through its proceedings, initiatives, and, programmes celebrate this highly historic day in their own way 

World Book Day Celebration 2020

Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is chosen to be the World Book Capital for 2020. The slogan for world book and copyright day 2020 is "KL Baca – "Caring Through Reading". Also every year, there is a different theme or a different set of themes. So for the International Book Day 2020, there are four themes which include-

1. Reading in all its forms

2. Development of the book industry infrastructure

3. Inclusiveness and digital accessibility

4. Empowerment of children through reading

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Numerous activities will be conducted for the promotion of book reading. This includes new digital libraries in the economically backward areas, more accessibility for the disabled, reading campaigns and others. Furthermore, there will also be an entire book city constructed for the World Book and Copyright Day 2020. The book city is called "The Kota Buku Complex". 

World Book Day Significance

The reason behind the Wold Book Day celebration on the date of April 23 is linked to history. April 23 holds a lot of importance, as some of the greatest authors like William Shakespeare, Miguel Cervantes, and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega deceased on this very day. So in order to mark a tribute to all these great literary giants, the UNESCO selected this date to commemorate the International Book day each year. 


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This decision was taken in the year 1995, in Paris during the General Conference. Since World Book Day Celebration across the globe started and has been bigger and better each passing year. Also, the international book day marks the accessibility of books, knowledge to all sections of the society equally. 

World Book and Copyright Day 2020 amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Since the entire globe is going through a state of a pandemic due to the widespread COVID-19 Virus, most educational institutions have gone into a shutdown mode for the safety and security of their students, teachers, and staff. Yet through the power of e-books, digitalisation reading positive things, and gaining knowledge is need of the hours. As it not only helps to protect ourselves but also widens our horizons towards a long-term approach. So it is best to enjoy the world book and copyright day 2020 at the comfort of home by indulging into some necessary reading. 

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