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What Is National Eggs Benedict Day? Know About Its History, Significance And More

What is National Eggs Benedict Day? If this question is going on in your mind, then your quest is over. Know everything about this special day here

what is national eggs benedict day

The much-loved Eggs Benedict Day 2020 is finally here. With messages showing in from everywhere of Happy National Eggs Benedict Day, one must be aware of its history. Hence, if you are wondering what is the National Eggs Benedict Day all about then keep reading, and understand its significance.  

What is National Eggs Benedict Day and what's the importance? 


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Every year on April 16, individuals celebrate the Eggs Benedict Day by starting their day eating an Eggs Benedict dish for breakfast.  As the name suggests, on this day people relish the Eggs Benedict delicacy and commemorate its origin. People across the globe celebrate this special day and greet each other Happy National Eggs Benedict Day by indulging into the rich flavour of Eggs Benedict. 

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The lip-smacking savoury meal consists of two toasted English muffins topped with bacon or ham covered with poached eggs and drenched in Hollandaise sauce. They are also served with potato wedges or fries on the side with some extra Hollandaise sauce, which is tangy in taste. Egg lovers enjoy this day by indulging in some different varieties of Eggs Benedict dishes. Numerous restaurants, especially in the United States and Canada, offer their customers their version of Eggs Benedict some dishes are traditional whereas others have a new favour to them. 

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Why is Eggs Benedict Day Celebrated?

There are several theories about the origin of Eggs Benedict Day. But two out of all, are the most popular ones. If the myths are to be believed then the first theory revolves around Lemuel Benedict, who was a stockbroker in New York back in 1894. One day, Lemuel Benedict visited the Waldorf Hotel. He ordered “buttered toast, poached eggs, crisp bacon, and a side of Hollandaise”. Post his meal, he was extremely impressed with the eggs recipe.


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Later on, the same dish was included in the hotel's menu as a dish,  with some substitutions like English muffin instead of bacon and toast. The second theory about National Eggs Benedict Day involves Pope Benedict XIII of the 18th Century. The pope loved a dish made with eggs a lot, so much so that he requested for it quite often. As per the story, Pope Benedict XIII fell ill after some time, but his desire for his favourite eggy dish did not diminish, thus the dish was named after Pope Benedict XIII as Eggs Benedict. 

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