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3 best avocado toast restaurants in Mumbai you must check out

Avocado Toasts have proved to be not only good for health but great in taste too. Read on to find some of the best avocado toast restaurants in Mumbai.

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Avocados have proved to be not only good for health but great in taste too. One can prepare an avocado milkshake, guacamole dip, avocado toast and also add avocados to multiple dishes. This popular food is used in multiple restaurants today. The city of Mumbai is constantly bustling with people who want to try new dishes every now and then. The city offers some great cuisines along with great decor and ambiance. Listed below are the best cafes and restaurants in Mumbai to try crispy and flavorful avocado toasts.

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Best Avocado toast in Mumbai

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1) The Rolling Pin

This great cafe and bakery situated in Lower Parel serves some of the best dishes in town. The vegetarian eatery serves some great avocado dishes from their signature pesto avocado toast to their avocado salad. They are constantly brimming with new dishes. The cafe is also known for its great desserts that are prepared right in front of the customers. 


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2) Plenty

This is another petite eatery in Mumbai that is famous for its healthy dishes. The avocado toast here is crispy and seasoned with a number of ingredients. They also serve some other great dishes that are a must-try. The chic decor and quiet ambiance is another reason to hop into this eatery on a quiet afternoon.


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3) Candy And Green

This is another place that is considered to be one of the best avocado toast restaurants available in Mumbai. Their toast is made from scratch and is healthy and crispy. They also mash their avocado with a number of tasty ingredients. The chic decor and open space shall definitely draw anyone in. 


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