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Three best places for Falafel in Mumbai that you must visit

Falafel is a widely popular dish loved by foodies across the world. Read ahead to know about some of the best exotic places in Mumbai to try middle eastern food

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One of the most loved cuisines is the Middle Eastern cuisine and Falafel being a wildly popular dish, loved by foodies across the world, Mumbai too certainly has some incredible falafel joints that you must visit if you like middle-eastern cuisine. Falafel is a dish comprising of many sub-items within it. From the creamy hummus to the rich salad and the delicious pita bread, this dish is very healthy and tasty. The deep-fried fritters or bullets as they're otherwise called, when mixed with the creamy hummus along with the pita bread and the spicy red chutney, make it an altogether a great combination of flavours. Listed below are some of the best and exotic places in Mumbai to try some delicious falafel.

Falafel: Best falafel places in Mumbai

1) Swati Snacks

This chic and modern restaurant is known for its Gujrati food but it also serves some great other dishes too. The falafel here is a dish one must try. It is made very differently from the normal style. The hummus, bullets, salad are all stuffed into the pita pocket. They mix the red chutney with their hummus and ensure there is a perfect balance of flavours. 

2) The Rolling Pin

Situated in Lower Parel, this is a great place to hang out. They are known for their lip-smacking desserts and variety of dishes. Among the many dishes, the falafel platter here is a speciality. The platter is full of crispy bullets, salad, pita pockets, some sour cream and bunch of fries. One can come here with their special one to enjoy this wholesome platter.

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3) Sante Spa Cusine

This quiet restaurant in BKC will blow your mind with their unique food and presentation. They make sure to give a great experience to their customers and add something edgy to each of their dishes. Their Falafel is very different from the normally served dish. They serve some healthy options with a pink fluffy hummus along with a green spinach hummus and some khakhras instead of bread.

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