Kashmiri Desserts That Are A Must-try; Falooda To Kesar Phirni


Kashmiri desserts are one of the significant parts of Kashmiri cuisine. Here are some of the mouth-watering dessert delicacies from the state's cuisine.

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kashmiri desserts

The breath-taking beauty of Kashmir, known as the 'heaven on earth' lures you to explore every corner of it. From Dal lake to Shikara ride, Kashmir accounts for all kind of elements to be called as the perfect tourist place. Apart from the adorable beauty of the place, the culture is highly influenced by Indian culture. Henceforth, one such element is the dessert tradition. Desserts are a must-have in a meal and Kashmiri cuisine is known for some lip-smacking desserts. Here are five mouth-watering Kashmiri desserts. 

Kashmiri Lyde

Lyde is a famous Kashmiri dessert prepared by thoroughly frying whole wheat flour. The Kashmiri has it with Sheer Chai. It has a type of neutral taste but is really tasty when you have it with tea as it soaks really well.

Kashmiri Shufta

Shufta is made with lots of dry fruits and sugar. This dessert is widely preferred during winter because of its high quantity of dry fruits that help to wade off chillness in winter. This is one of the traditional delicacies of Kashmiri cuisine.

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Falooda is made with milk, vermicelli, tapioca pearls, and basil seeds. Basil seeds bring a unique flavor and texture to this dessert. The flavour of the drink depends upon the syrup that is used. When you visit Kashmir, be sure to have this drink. It is similar to Jigarthanda which is made in south India but has a kind of Kashmiri touch because of the basil seeds.

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Sevaiyann is a specialty of the Kashmir valley made with vermicelli and milk this dish is specially made during Eid celebrations. Do try some if you haven’t had any. It is a commonly preferred dish on festivities. It is also known as Sheer Korma in the Muslim tradition.

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Kesar Phirni

Phirni is a popular dessert of Kashmir. It is made of rice, milk, saffron, cardamom, etc. Dry fruits and rose essence are also added to give it a special flavour. The dessert gets its real flavour or taste with the delicacy with which the rice is ground. They are served in traditional earthen bowls called ‘shikoras’. Other states have also started making this dessert for special occasions.

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