Awadhi Cuisine's Culinary Terms That You Must Check Out Right Away


Awadhi cuisine is known for its scrumptious flavours, secret ingredients and a touch of royalty. Here are some of its culinary terms that you must know.

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awadhi cuisine

Awadhi cuisine boasts of its sheer royalty and humbleness. It showcases the exotic lifestyle of Lucknow’s Nawabs. Awadhi delicacies are not only known for their variety but also distinctive ingredients. They are slow-cooked to perfection. We have listed down the popular culinary terms of the Awadhi cuisines below:

Here are the culinary terms of Awadhi cuisines that you should know

1. Ghee Durust Karna 

Ghee Durust Karna is a crucial step in preparing almost every Awadhi delicacy. This means one should season the cooking medium with Ghee or clarified butter. After which, it is topped with strong flavouring agents including fresh cardamoms and Kewra water. 

2. Dhungar 

Dhungar is a known method to enhance the flavours of curry, yoghurt and meat. You can start by placing burning coal amid marinated meat. Top it with herbs and spices, after adding them in hot ghee. Later on, cover this mixture for about fifteen minutes to let it absorb flavours and benefits. 

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3. Chandi Warq

This unique process involves decorating sweets and dishes with pure silver. It involves placing tiny pieces of silver amid two papers. Silver is beaten continuously with a hammer until it turns thinner than paper. This beaten silver accentuates the presentation of sweets. 

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4. Ittr 

Ittr is a kind of perfume. It is used in Awadhi dishes. Ittr helps in adding fragrance to food. 

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5. Galavat 

Galavat is a way to soften meat. In this method, raw papaya is often used as an agent to tenderize meat. Awadh cuisine is popular for its slow-cooked food to maintain flavours and aroma. Therefore, they use their secret ingredients and methods to make food more drool-worthy.  

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