Best Food In Vietnam: Vietnamese Dishes To Relish On Your Vacation


Best food in Vietnam while vacationing in the South Asian Country. Here are some of the popular dishes loved by the locales of Vietnam. Read to know more.

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best food in vietnam

For every Indian traveller traversing through the streets of Vietnam, here is a guide for the best dishes to try in the country. Vietnam, situated in Southeast Asia is an agriculture-based country. After the Wet Rice Civilization, the intake of rice has increased manifold. The country's staple food is rice. 

Here are some dishes one should try when in the country

A. Mì quảng

Mì quảng is one of the most loved dishes by the locales. This Vietnamese meal's main ingredients include noodles, peanuts, rice crackers, pork and a turmeric broth. The dish is often served on occasions of importance in the central part of Vietnam.

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B. Phở

Phở is a quintessential Vietnamese dish served every day in all restaurants of Vietnam. Recently, the dish made a debut in foreign cuisines. The main ingredients of this Vietnamese dish include Noodles, nourishing bone broth, fresh vegetables and a tender slice of meat. 

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C. Gỏi cuốn

Gỏi cuốn is a popular snack among the locals. Covered with rice sheet are ingredients like shrimp, vermicelli, pork and some greens. The popular snack is often served with a sauce and crushed peanuts. The tangy sauce adds much-needed flavour to the snack. 

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D. Bún bò Huế

Bún bò Huế is a famous dish from Huếthe imperial Capital of Vietnam. Bún bò Huế has a wonderful balance of spices and salt. The dish made of beef and fish sauce is served with noodles, rice or pork. Bún bò Huế is generally garnished with herbs and vegetables. 

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E. Gỏi (South) and Nộm (North)

Gỏi and Nộm are a variety of salads served in Vietnam. The salad is known as Gỏi in the Southern part of Vietnam, and Nộm in the Northern part of Vietnam. There are many varieties of Gỏi and Nộm available in restaurants in Vietnam. All typically include grated cabbage, turnip or papaya and slices of meat on the top. The salad is mixed with Vinegar, garlic, salt and chilli. 

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