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Cactus fruit: Here are some of the benefits of the fruit prickly pear

Prickly pear is a fruit belonging to the cactus family that possesses a wide range of benefits. Here are some of the benefits of prickly pear that are popular.

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Prickly pear is a fruit belonging to the cactus family that possesses a wide range of health benefits. Prickly pear is a fruit that belongs to the genus Opuntia. Its scientific name is Opuntia ficus-indica. Do not get scared by its appearance as the fruit pulp is yummy and delicious, more than our expectations. It is frequently used and regarded as an excellent cure for a hangover. Below are some other benefits of the fruit-

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Benefits of cactus fruit – Prickly pear

Potential role in weight control

  • Obesity is a problem on a global level and needs to be managed at the earliest.
  • It is suggested by medical experts that, instead of resorting to extreme measures like harmful medications or surgery, a simple solution to this problem can be consuming plenty of dietary fiber.
  • Prickly pear fruit comprises of fiber which will make you feel full for longer and reduce cravings.
  • It also helps in the removal of dietary fat by binding it and removing it from the system.
  • Hence experts say that this fruit efficiently helps in weight control and even weight loss.

The best remedy to reduce hangover

  • Prickly pear has the ability to reduce the effects of a hangover.
  • Juice of prickly pear decreases the creation of inflammatory mediators in our body, which induce the uncomfortable feeling during alcohol hangovers.
  • It also reduces other symptoms like nausea and dry mouth.

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Soothes the stomach

  • In Mexico, prickly pear is normally used as a dietary supplement.
  • People eat prickly pear daily to normalise their bowel movements. This helps to uphold a healthy digestive system and prevents constipation.
  • The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of compounds included in cactus fruit also help in stomach health and soothing it.

Immune system booster

  • The vitamin C rich fruit, prickly pear is responsible for boosting the immune system.
  • Vitamin C boosts the body’s immune response from various infections.
  • Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant and reduces the free radical damage throughout the body.  This also gives the immune system a boost.

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Stroke prevention

  • According to medical experts and reports, reduction in total body fat and elevated cholesterol, glucose, and blood pressure levels can all affect cardiovascular health in a very positive way.
  • As these levels are reduced in the body, the risk of stroke or heart attack goes down.
  • Hence, consuming this fruit can help in preventing strokes.

DISCLAIMER: Though amazing health benefits can be derived from this cactus fruit, prickly pear, it is suggested to consult a professional medical expert for its health benefits. Kindly seek advice or instruction from a medical practitioner before its consumption or use.

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