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Canned Goods: Easy Meals To Prepare With Stored Pantry Items At Home Amid Quarantine

Many are confused as to what to prepare at home amid Coronavirus pandemic. Here are easy meals one can make at home using stored canned goods. Check out.

canned goods

Now that the country is on lockdown, many are finding difficulties in preparing new dishes for every meal. Importantly, now it also gets difficult to go shopping frequently during the Coronavirus pandemic. Many of us have canned goods stored at home for preparing certain dishes. Here are a few meals to make at home using canned goods. 

Meals to make at home using canned goods

Beans salad


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If you want something light and simple, you can make the easy beans salad using the beans from canned goods. Try making a Mexican bean salad with the right amount of veggies and chicken. Sautee all the veggies in butter/oil and add some spices for flavour. And your beans salad is ready to eat.

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Sweet corn 


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Many of us have the habit of storing sweet corn to make soups or easy chicken recipes at home. Some also use the canned goods to prepare the pizza sauce, with the addition of sweet corn. A light tasty soup with water, chicken stock, veggies and corn is a good-to-go one time meal. Whereas, you can use the corn in gravies and as stuffing too. 

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If anyone has canned mushrooms at home, then you can use to make the most delicious mushroom chilly dry for a meal. All you need to do is, sautee some pickles, peppers and the stored mushrooms in some oil and sauces. On the other hand, prepare some steamed rice and crack up a sunny-side egg, and your appetizing meal is ready.

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Canned olives can be used in many dishes. You can club it with sauces and bread and make a scrumptious sandwich. Or you can add it in noodles or spaghetti and make a yummy meal. This is one of the easiest meals to make at home during Coronavirus lockdown, as most of us have olives, noodles and pickles stored at home.

Canned milkmaid


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As many of us have stored milkmaid at home, it gets easier to use them in desserts, souffle and other sweet dishes. You can slice some fruits and mix it into the milkmaid. Take some bananas, oranges, melons, which are easily available in the market and make the most delicious dessert at home amid COVID-19 lockdown. 

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