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Cashew benefits range from improving your bone health to aiding weight loss | Read

Cashews are one of the best nuts. Check out some other cashew benefits for your overall health and why including them in your diet is a good idea.

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Eating nuts every day can help you lose weight, keep your heart smiling, and also prevent cancer. These reasons are enough for a person to think over and start eating nuts. Cashew nuts are the best nuts you will pick to prevent deadly diseases. There are several other health benefits of including this dry fruit in your diet. Have a look-

Benefits of eating cashew nuts

Keeps your heart healthy

Cashews contain healthy fat, which means it is free from cholesterol and provides nutrients to make heart functioning better. According to Bulletproof, the oleic acid found in cashews promotes sound cardiac health by lowering triglyceride levels, which is associated with heart disease risk.

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Bone and joint health:

According to Tarladala.com, Cashews are a good source of bone-building iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc. Rich in magnesium, they help the body in maintaining a healthy bone structure by healing enzymes that are needed to build strong bones. Most of your body's magnesium is stored in the bones, so your bones will suffer if you're deficient in magnesium. Cashews are also rich in phosphorus, which helps in teeth and bones formation.

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Prevents cancer: 

According to Bulletproof, Cashews are filled with proanthocyanidins, a form of flavanol that stops the growth of tumour cells and helps prevent cancer.

Nerve relaxation:

The magnesium present in cashews help in preventing calcium from over activating nerve cells, thus relaxing them. This action also helps to relax your blood vessels and muscles. When your magnesium levels drop, you often get muscle cramps.

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Weight loss

Cashews contain less fat than other popular peanuts, pecans, almonds, and walnuts. According to Bulletproof, they are the best weight loss nut as they are dense in nutrients and energy and high in fibre, making them more filling, and this is the best for weight management.  Although nuts are high in calories, it can help you lose weight by eating the right amount of it every day. Have a few of them every day. Start a healthy diet and some physical activity in order to effectively lose weight.

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