Puttu Recipe: Easy Steps To Make The Famous South Indian Breakfast At Home


The lip-smacking South Indian breakfast puttu is not at all difficult to make at home. Check out the recipe to make puttu in a few easy steps at home.

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Puttu is one of the most famous dishes from Kerala. The traditional South Indian breakfast consists of this delicacy. However, it might look difficult to make, but in reality, it is pretty simple. puttu is made from rice flour and coconut and is served with various types of curries or a banana. The dish can be enjoyed with a chicken, egg or fish curry. There is a special utensil used to make puttu. Called puttu kutti, the vessel has two sections, the upper section is cylindrical in shape and the lower one is shaped like a pot. The lower half holds the water while the cylindrical part holds the raw puttu. Read below to find out how puttu is made.

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Raw rice especially used for making puttu is called Puttu Arisi. However, you can directly buy Puttu Mavu or Puttu Rice Flour. Instant puttu mix is also available in the market.

Get 2 cups of puttu flour

Approximately one cup of water

Approximately one and a half cup of grated coconut

Salt as needed

Puttu maker

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How to make Puttu?

Add puttu flour, water, and salt in a clean bowl and mix the mixture well. Do not be hesitant to use your hands to mix as the consistency can be best detected by the hands. Keep mixing until the mixture can be made into a ball in your fist. Keep pressing the ball-shaped mixture until the mixture is coarse. The mixture must be free of lumps and should not have a mushy texture.

Fill water in the lower half of the puttu maker and heat the vessel. Let the water in the vessel simmer before you fill the puttu in the utensil. After the water has simmered well, start filling the upper cylindrical part with the earlier made mixture.

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While filling the cylindrical part, make sure that the puttu kutti is layered with a layer of grated coconut. Add two fists of puttu mould and add a layer of grated coconut. Repeat the procedure until the cylindrical part is not filled to the brim. Ensure that the last layer on each end is that of grated coconut.

Cover the utensil firmly with a lid and place it on top of the lower half of the utensil. Ensure that the water is still simmering in the pot-shaped lower section. When the puttu is cooked and ready, the steam that passes through the lid hole will indicate its readiness.

Very carefully detach the lower and upper half of the vessel. The rice cake in the cylindrical part of the vessel should be pushed on a plate with a long stick. This stick is called puttu kol. Your puttu is ready to be served and eaten.

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