Christmas Brunch: Easy And Scrumptious Breakfast Ideas For The Holidays


Christmas brunch: Here are some of the top Christmas breakfast ideas that are easy to make and are also delicious. Read on.

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christmas brunch

There is no greater feeling than waking up early mornings during Christmas, especially when you know that there is yummy, delicious food waiting for you at the table. Whether you prefer something sweet or savoury, a delicious and hearty Christmas brunch is the most perfect way to start your festive day. But Christmas mornings shouldn't be spent working and baking in the kitchen. To ensure that you have plenty of time spending time with your loved ones and wrapping gifts for your family members, friends, here are some hearty Christmas breakfast ideas: 

Christmas Breakfast Casserole

Prepared by cooking eggs, tater tots, ham, bacon, cheese, carrots, capsicum, this Christmas brunch can be called a whole meal on its own. You can mix all the ingredients the night before and stash this yummy Christmas brunch in the fridge. When you wake up, pop this delicious recipe in oven and your early mornings Christmas brunch is ready to go the dinner table in no time. You can serve this with biscuits for making it extra special. This is definitely the easiest Christmas breakfast ideas.

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Brocolli-Ham Quinche 

This is yet another easy Christmas brunch you can try. The good thing about Quinche is that it stays hot, so you can store it in room temperature too. Making this broccoli-ham Quinche with onions or tomatoes will make for one of the ideal Christmas breakfast ideas. Bake this Christmas brunch the night before and reheat the next day. The green broccoli and red tomatoes and spicy onions make the Christmas brunch extra festive. You can garnish this recipe with coriander leaves. It will add to the flavour. This is yet another one of the best and easy Christmas breakfast ideas.

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Pepper and Mushroom Frittata

Frittatas are not exactly baked omelette or crustless Quinche, they lie somewhere in between. You will love having this Christmas brunch if you don't like tasting sweet things in early mornings. You can top this pepper and mushroom frittata with crumbled bacon or sausages. You will have a delicious and protein-rich diet. You can sprinkle cheddar or cheese over the top. This is a spicy and cheesy Christmas brunch you should definitely try. 

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