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Dalgona Coffee Hacks That You Can Try To Upgrade This Trendy Drink

Dalgona Coffee is the latest trend on social media right now. These tricks listed below will help to elevate this trendy drink. Read on to know more details.

dalgona coffee

Dalgona coffee is the new Instagram-worthy, viral drink that has taken the internet by a storm. The coffee gets its name from South Korea but its widely popular in India as well. Many fans of the drink have already started mixing up the Dalgona coffee recipe and here are some of the best ones you can try to.

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Dalgona coffee hacks to mix up the usual recipe

1. Swap for some matcha instead

If you are one of those people who still cannot get over their obsession for matcha then we have some good news. Try to swap two tablespoons of coffee powder with matcha powder instead. Now, prepare the recipe as usual according to the dalgona coffee recipe and it is done. Enjoy your dalgona matcha while still staying in the dalgona coffee trend. 

2. Vanilla dalgona coffee recipe

This recipe variation will not even require any huge change in the usual dalgona coffee recipe but it will help to elevate your tastes to a whole different level. While you are whipping out your dalgona coffee, add in a bit of vanilla extract, a pinch of salt and cornstarch. Whip them as usual and enjoy the revived version of dalgona coffee.

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3. Add in some boba

Boba has been around the internet for quite some time and people are not tired of it yet. One such Boba lover tried adding the ingredient and it took the dalgona coffee trend up a notch. The only extra step is to boil the tapioca pearls and get them ready. Add the boba first in the glass and then follow the usual dalgona coffee recipe.

4. Mocha flavoured dalgona coffee

If you are a chocolate lover, then this recipe will mix your love for chocolate into your favourite coffee. You will need to follow the usual recipe of dalgona coffee. However, before you whisk the coffee powder, add in some cocoa powder. This will help to create you mocha flavoured dalgona coffee.

5. Try Dalgona chocolate instead

If you are not a fan of coffee but still want to taste what the dalgona coffee trend is all about, then there's a way. You can replace the coffee in dalgona coffee altogether with cocoa powder instead. For a creamier texture, replace the hot water with a few tablespoons of warm milk instead.

6. Honey replacing sugar

Many fans of dalgona coffee have been pointing out how replacing sugar with honey did not make any difference to the dalgona coffee recipe. You can also add honey as an addition with sugar if you like the extra sweetness. Further, you can replace your usual milk with almond milk too.

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7. Craft coffee for the win

You can experiment with the usual dalgona coffee trend with the ingredient of your choice. One such fan of the dalgona coffee tried switching the recipe to whip up some lavender latte. You can also do so by adding a few drops of lavender essence or edible lavender into your coffee.

8. Spice up the Dalgona coffee trend

Are you already bored with the normal dalgona coffee? If yes, then this trick will help you spice things up. You can add in some cinnamon or ginger to the whipping bowl along with the coffee. Additionally, you can add in spices of your choice to make yourself a good cup of dalgona coffee.

9. Dalgona coffee recipe plus orange flavour

This trick will tickle your citric taste buds. You can start by adding orange peel infused hot water into the coffee powder. For the same, you will need to add some orange peel into warm water and let it sit for a while. Now prepare the dalgona coffee recipe as usual.

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