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Desi Hacks: Added Too Much Salt In Food? Check Out Ways To Bring Back The Taste To Normal

Desi hacks to reduce that extra salt in food and can help you turn your salty food back to normal. Take a look at these easy to use desi hacks.

desi hacks

Several times some things happen in the kitchen, which are not supposed to. For example, putting extra sugar in dessert, or accidentally making your meal very salty. But such minor issues can be tackled and with the help of some really easy desi hacks. So if you have experienced an incident, where on the last minute you could not serve your home-cooked curry or dessert to your guests due to excessive salt in it and had to order food, then this article is a must-read for you.

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Desi Hacks which can transform your salty food 

Use Wheat Balls

One of the oldest and most commonly used ways of reducing the extra salt in food is to make balls of wheat flour and add in the gravy. The wheat flour balls will soak in all the excess salt in the curry or lentils and bring back its taste to normal. While serving the gravy, simply remove the wheat balls. In India, this desi hack is used quite often in households. This desi is hack is super easy, and economical as well. 

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Pour some cream 

Adding cream in a diluted form can also help in reducing the salt ratio in your dish. However, this desi hack can be only used for a dish which has room for adding cream in it. Like pasta sauces, or some other base sauce for any Thai or Italian dish. 

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Add new raw ingredients 

Another good wat to diminishing the extra salt taste in food is to add new ingredients to your dish. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that whichever ingredients you are adding, they must be unsalted in taste. By doing this, the new ingredients will accumulate the extra salt in food and balance the taste.

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Dilute with more water

This desi hack is highly recommended when you have a salty dish with some gravy. Diluting your curry with more water will somehow balance the extra salt in food, because of freshly added water ratio. Neither you'd require to prepare another dish nor will the flavour of gravy diminish. But do not add too much of water, keep the consistency of dish appropriate as a lot of water could destroy its taste, and it might become too watery. 


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