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Desi Hacks: How To Make Perfect Crunchy And Lip-smacking Aloo Paratha At Home

Aloo Paratha is one of the staple breakfast or lunch option in every household. Here are some desi hacks to make your paratha better and tastier. Read more.

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Flatbread, popularly known as Paratha, is a staple breakfast or lunch option in Indian households. There are many different methods to make parathas. In India, while all types are veggie parathas are made in households, aloo paratha is one of the most common parathas consumed as a popular breakfast option. Aloo Paratha recipe is very simple and it is mostly made by making balls of dough with aloo filling inside. However, there are some desi hacks that can be used in making your parathas more tasty and crunchy. 

Add semolina (suji) for crunch

Semolina (Suji), when added to the paratha dough, can make it more crunchy. Suji not only adds crisp to the aloo paratha, but it also helps in binding the dough. Add a half-cup of semolina to the aloo paratha dough for making it more crunchy. 


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Make fresh dough 

Always try to make fresh dough for your aloo paratha. This would help in rolling the parathas easily. Moreover, it would also taste much better. You can also add some oil and salt for better dough preparation. 

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Finely cut the vegetables

The vegetables added to the paratha filling should be finely chopped so as to bind the dough right. Big pieces of veggies often tear up the dough and hence the dough ball don't bind right. This is one of the easiest desi cooking hacks to follow for your aloo paratha recipe. 

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Experiment with the fillings

Experiment with fillings for your aloo paratha recipe. One can add cheese or paneer for more added flavours. The people who prefer non-veg can also add keema to it. A lot of flavours can be added to a simple aloo paratha recipe to relish the dish differently.

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